Billboard for the People was independently created by Hyperakt, a NYC design studio.

The Vision

In 2008, Barack Obama inspired us to participate in American politics. To celebrate President-elect Obama’s historic victory, we followed his example of grassroots organizing.

Beginning in December of 2008, we at Hyperakt, a small, independent design studio based in Brooklyn, NY, raised funds for a campaign to publicly congratulate president-elect Obama through outdoor advertising media in New York City. We secured a campaign which placed 1000 posters at over 185 NYC locations. The posters appeared on January 10th and remained up until January 27th.

The total cost of this campaign, which was seen by millions, was $8,000. We were able to fund the campaign through the help of generous contributors. You can see a list of their names by clicking the button at right.

At Hyperakt, we created artwork in support of Barack Obama throughout his campaign. We have made posters available for free download through our blog and exhibited artwork at exhibitions in Denver, and Geneva, Switzerland. Our artwork was also on display at the Manifest Hope DC exhibit the weekend before the inauguration.

Barack Obama ran a different kind of campaign – a campaign for the people. This was an opportunity for us to give him a different kind of congratulations. We couldn't have done it without your support and contributions!

Thank You,

Deroy Peraza

Deroy Peraza
Principal + Creative Director
Hyperakt Design Group

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